Class Descriptions


A combination class using the reformer and tower offering a complete body workout to
strengthen and tighten arms and legs and build a strong core and back.  The jumpboard is sometimes
included to bring a cardio element to the class.


A complete arm, leg and core workout using only the reformer and accessories.
Class incorporates several of hundreds of exercises that can be done on the reformer so no class is
ever the same!


A cardio workout for the entire body! Engage your core in this jumpboard
routine that burns fat and strengthens arms and legs.


Use all of the equipment in the room in this circuit/station training class.
Get your heart rate up with a jumpboard intro before you move through the strength and tightening
circuit set up at each of the machines.  Fast paced and fun!


A tower and reformer combination class that integrates tower springs while using the
reformer to work upper body, lower body and core.